An in-between-letters letter of self-promotion

Dear friends, readers, colleagues, strangers, and people who have no idea how they got on this mailing list:

This interruption to regular programming is one of self-promotion.

I wrote a book of essays called Blueberries. The ANZ edition just got printed, and is out on March 3 with Text Publishing. I think you will agree it looks very beautiful.

Thank you and sorry to everyone who has heard me talking about this book for the past, like, three years. I hope to one day repay your patience with patience or another commodity of your choosing.

If you are not already sick of hearing me talk about it, and you don’t simply hate “masterful, fearless” (Chelsea Hodson), “bold, witty, insightful, fearless, and funny” (Lynne Tillman), unsettling, life-affirming and essential” (Jean Edelstein), (and other blade-like adjectives,) essays about capitalism, literature, love, violence, life! by white women, and still, maybe, you would like to read this book, you can access it in a number of ways come March 3. Before then, if you like, you can:

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you are most welcome to come to help celebrate the launch of Blueberries with wine and readings by some of my favourite writers at the following dates:


Saturday, March 7, 4–7 p.m.

Frontrayd Projects, 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

To be launched by Dr Astrid Lorange, with readings by Eda Gunaydin, Andrew Pippos, and Jonno Revanche. No bookings required. All welcome.


Saturday, March 14, time T.B.C.

Venue T.B.C. [ideally not a bookstore. help?]

To be launched by Dr Maria Tumarkin, with readings by Nicky Minus, Bronte Coates, and Leah Jing. No bookings required. All welcome.

If you are a reviewer, podcaster, interviewer, artist of some kind who would like access to a review copy of Bluebs for the purpose of critical appraisal, artistic interpretation, whatever, let me know, and I will help source one for you.